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Honeysuckle tea has been taken by the Chinese for hundreds of years to ward off flu and relieve cold symptoms. Our honeysuckle tea is a wild grown honeysuckle that offers a refreshing aftertaste. Not only is it great for allergy or cold relief it can also be very effective against acne and blemishes. Pouch quantity: 35g

Health Benefits


Honeysuckle has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve flu, cold and allergy symptoms. It’s also said to detox the body as it helps cleanse and get rid of toxins. The anti-inflammatory properties could work wonders for your skin, helping with acne and blemishes.

Brewing Tip

If you want to sweeten the tea a little, add a spoon of honey or squeeze some lemon into your cup for additional flavour. You can also pair honeysuckle with some fresh mint leaves to create a delicious Moroccan mint tea.

How to brew



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