Handmade Shiboridashi Set Peach Blossom


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This beautiful shiboridashi set contains one tea bowl and one Japanese tea pot (shiboridashi) and is fully handcrafted by the talented Lilly Maetzig from Mae CeramicsEach piece is hand thrown with stoneware clay, with iron freckles. The clay and glazes used are completely food safe. It’s recommended that they are hand washed to ensure all care is taken whilst cleaning.

Please note that each piece is handcrafted and therefore unique, so they can vary slightly in shape and size.


How to use a shiboridashi

  1. Warm your shiboridashi tea pot and tea bowl with hot water. This ensures better temperature control during the brewing process.
  2. Add your tea leaves to the shiboridashi tea pot.
  3. Rinse your tea leaves before infusing, this helps to release the aroma of the tea. When you add hot water to your leaves to rinse, make sure to quickly empty the tea pot (this prevents the leaves from releasing too much flavour already).
  4. Infuse your tea leaves by pouring in water at the appropriate temperature for your specific tea.
  5. Empty your shiboridashi tea pot in your tea bowl by holding down the lid with your index finger while you pour the tea into the bowl.
  6. Re-infuse your tea, loose leaf tea can be re-infused multiple times. Every re-infusion might reveal some slight nuances in flavour. Enjoy experimenting!



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